Ok, so I know that I’ve been on the TV lately cooking. And I find this to be extremely hilarious! I have proof (and he’s sitting near me) that I could not cook when I first got married. I mean, I could make chicken and spaghetti with jar sauce, but beyond that, I was really good at making reservations. Thankfully, my husband could cook, so we didn’t starve.

I think my interest in cooking started when I was trying to lose weight for the millionth time and used to watch “30 Minute Meals” while running on the elliptical. It peaked my interest and looked easy enough. I found a few recipes that were doable. Slowly, but surely, I started to expand my culinary skills mainly because I fell in love with shows like “Top Chef” and “Good Eats.”

Once I started losing weight for the final time, I started to combine my love for food and healthy eating. No way was I going to eat a salad for every meal for the rest of my life. I started to experiment with recipes to “healthify” them.

And to this day, I’m still playing around in the kitchen. I have no formal training (aside in a few fun cooking classes with local chefs). I’m just a mom who loves to eat and show my love to my family from the food that I make. So if you think of me as an expert, I’m flattered! But seriously, anyone can do what I do if they just take a few moments to learn how to do it. It’s probably my most favorite part about being a coach: I get to give what I know to others so that they can succeed too!!!

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