Clementine oranges
1 stalk of celery

Peel the oranges. Slice the celery into 1″ pieces. Insert the celery into the top of the orange.


Clementine oranges
permanent marker or edible ink marker

Using a marker, draw your favorite Jack-O-Lantern design.

Spider Snacks (adapted from Food Network)

Peanut butter crackers
Pretzel sticks
Peanut Butter
Chocolate chips

Heat a small pan until warm, then remove from heat.

Take the top cracker off. Break 3 pretzel sticks in half, and place them to look like legs.

On the top cracker, add some more peanut butter. Then place top cracker on the bottom pretzel half.

Place two chocolate chips for 5 seconds in the pan to slightly melt the bottoms. Add them to the spider for his “eyes.”

Repeat until you have enough.

Cheese Spiders (adapted from Food Network)

Mini soft cheese wheels wrapped in wax
Medium pretzels
Candy eyes
Food gel

Break thin pretzels into half-heart shapes, and stick into wax-covered mini soft cheese wheels. Use the food gel to “glue” the eyes to the body.