When you think about getting healthy and strong, what scares you more: the exercise or the nutrition? Hands down the nutrition part scares the snot out of me! That was my biggest hurdle to go over when I lost 50 pounds–just knowing what to eat and how much!

And let’s face it! Who has the time to figure that out AND exercise AND finding recipes AND… you get my point… NO ONE!

That’s why I’m putting on my Super Coach Cape and coming to your rescue. I’m doing something that I’ve never done before. I’m putting a group together for April that’s going to have:

1. An exercise program
2. A eating plan based on an easy-to-use container system
3. 30 days of RECIPES that even your kids will like
4. Motivation
5. Accountability

I’m going to GIVE you my knowledge of what I’ve learned over the years when it’s come to making nutrition a PRACTICAL way of eating. I mean, who has time to make 2 different meals for your family? Heck, I can barely get it together for one! They are going to be easy, quick, and delicious!

Does this sound like something you need? OF COURSE, IT DOES! We’re going to rock April and go into summer feeling our best! Want to be a part of it? Post below or PM me for the details! Let’s get this party started!!!

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