Do you ever find yourself in the “super rushed to make dinner” category? I know I do for many nights of the week. I usually keep a few frozen things on hand that I know I can make in 30 minutes or less, and still feel like I’m feeding my family right. One of those things are turkey patties. I can cook one or several at a time. I can use them as sandwiches or lettuce wraps (as pictured). I can make a second one for my lunch the next day and add some seasonings for however I want to use it for. One of my favorite ways are tacos! And they are a perfect vehicle to use up some of your odds and ends of lettuce, tomatoes, and the like!

Turkey Patty Tacos (adapted from Sarah Manaresi’s kitchen)

1 unseasoned turkey patty
chili powder and cumin to taste
red cabbage
corn tortillas

Before cooking, season the turkey patty with the chili powder and cumin, or your favorite taco seasoning. Cook as directed. Break up into crumbles. If you are using this the next day, reheat it in the microwave (but don’t overcook it!). Use it in a salad or with corn tortillas. Pile on the healthy favorites and go easy on the cheese and sour cream. Super easy to make when you are in a rush!